Recital 2024

We are excited to announce that we will be holding two dance recitals this year. One of the recitals will showcase our non-competitive dancers, while the other will feature our competitive dancers. We are thrilled to share our spectacular dances with all of you in these shows!

When and where

Our 48th Annual Competitive Dance Showcase is on Sat., June 1st at 6:30 pm at TCU Place.

Our 48th Annual Non-Competitive Dance Celebration is on Sun., June 2nd at 1:30 pm at TCU Place.

You can buy tickets for our recitals at or at the TCU Place Box office on May 6th.

We want our dancers to perform for a sold-out crowd so please invite as many people as you can!

Rehearsal Information

The Dress Rehearsal for all students will take place at TCU Place on Sat., June 1st. Enter through the back “STAGE DOORS” and proceed to your assigned changerooms. The assigned changerooms will be posted upon entry and there will be staff to direct you to the rooms.

The rehearsal runs between 9:30am – 4:30pm. Dancers will rehearse their dance(s) once or twice and then they are free to go. A rehearsal schedule will be made available closer to the date. Dancers are to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled rehearsal time, dressed in costume, ready to perform. We sometimes run early. Dancers are expected to wear their full costume and dance shoes during the rehearsal and hair must be in a ponytail (for those with short hair, hair must be secured away from the face). Make-up is not necessary for the rehearsal. Parents can wait in the hallway (not dressing rooms) during rehearsal but are not allowed in the theatre at any time!

IMPORTANT** Please label all costumes and accessories with the Dancer’s name and the name of the dance. You should label the hangers, garment bags, etc. and keep accessories in a labelled zip lock bag.

Recital Information and Expectations of Parents and Students

Non-competitive students are to arrive in their dressing room 30 minutes prior to the Recital start time. Competitive students are to arrive in their dressing room 45 minutes prior to the Recital start time. Students should be dressed in their first costume, with their hair and makeup done. Enter through the stage doors (back door of TCU Place) and drop off your children at the registration desk upstairs. They will be taken to their dressing room. You must then exit through the stage doors and go around to the front of the building to enter the theatre.

When dropping off your children at the Recital, parents must sign the attendance sheet at the registration desk and check to make sure we have the correct cell phone number.

All dancers must remain in their dressing rooms for the entire length of the recital. Under no circumstances will parents be allowed backstage until the end of the recital. This means you may not leave with your child at intermission or at any time during our show. *Specific information regarding our 3-4 year old Tiny Tots will be communicated to you by your child’s teacher as this is a little different. Bring colouring books and other activity books to keep dancers occupied. We also have a movie playing for our younger dancers. We have dressing room attendants in each room to ensure the safety and comfort of our dancers. The attendants and staff on site will help with any costume and hair changes students may have.

Food is not permitted in the dressing rooms (this is TCU Place policy). Please only send water. We must ensure we are keeping the rooms clean and allergen-free. We have dancers with severe nut allergies!

Please make sure young children do not have access to their lipstick – they sometimes like to try and apply it themselves! Keep the lipstick separate from the bags containing their activity materials.

Ordering T-Shirts and Flowers

To order recital t-shirts (with all the dancers’ names on it) and flowers, please click on the button below:

Order Recital T-shirts and Flowers

Recital t-shirts and flowers will also be sold at our Recital in the lobby.