When & Where

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Non-Competitive Recital 2020

Saturday, June 6th  – 1:30 pm

TCU Place

Competitive Recital 2020

Saturday, June 6th – 6:30 pm

TCU Place

Rehearsal Information

The Non-Competitive Recital Rehearsal is on Friday, June 5th – 5:00-9:00 pm at TCU Place.
The Competitive Recital Rehearsal is on Friday, June 5th – 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at TCU Place.

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Recital Rehearsal Schedule

Download Recital Videos

Torrey Falconer from Objectified Software is pleased to do our recital videos this year!  All ticket holders will be given access to a link where they may download a copy of the recital videos.  The cost for this access has been included in your ticket price.  The performances are available NOW!

43rd Annual Dance Showcase
7th Annual Dance Celebration

Older Recital Videos:

Click here for dance video downloads from 2016-2017 and 2017-2018


In order to continue having our recitals at TCU Place, we must make sure EVERYONE adheres to the following policies.  This is to ensure the safety of all of our dancers, the comfort of the audience members, and the effective operations of the TCU Place staff. At both Recitals, parents are to drop off their child or children at the registration table 30 minutes (no earlier) before show time by going through the backstage doors at TCU Place. Parents then have to go out and around the building to enter through the front of TCU Place.

  • All dancers, regardless of age must wait in their dressing rooms until the end of the recital.  Parents are not granted access to the dressing rooms once the show has started until the end of our show. This is T.C.U. Place policy. We will not be handling any parental concerns during the show. If there is an emergency, an announcement will be made at the podium.
  • Please note: our recitals are 2.5 – 3 hours long so dancers should bring coloring books and other activities to keep them occupied. There are dressing room attendants to watch over students during the recital and to help with costume changes, etc. We also have a hair stylist backstage to help dancers with quick hair changes. We will also have 2 hired security guards to man the door going into the dressing room area as well as monitor the hallways and dressing rooms.
  • Under no circumstances are parents allowed to enter the dressing room area until after the recital, not even at intermission. Dancers are not allowed in the audience at any time during the recital.  Tiny tot dancers will remain in their dressing rooms for the duration of the recital.
  • Ushers will ask anyone who doesn’t abide by these rules to leave. If anyone verbally abuses the security guards or ushers, they will be asked to leave. It is a privilege to dance at TCU Place and we must strictly adhere to these policies if we want to continue to use this facility.
  • Any parent who cannot abide by these rules will not be able to have their child participate in our annual recital. If this is the case, please advise the office immediately!

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Hair & Makeup Requirements