3108, 2020

FAQ and Drop Off Procedures

Here is information regarding our most frequently asked questions.

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308, 2020

Values Spotlight

Our Vision

Pure Energy Dance Co. strives to be a reputable leader in the dance industry and our community. 

Our Mission Statement

Pure Energy Dance Co. provides high quality dance education in a warm and friendly environment.  

Our Values


We value community as it allows us to support one another, interact and share experiences, build valuable relationships, and gives us a deeper sense of belonging. 


We believe in being honest and showing a consistent adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. 


We believe every person should be appreciated, valued, and treated with courtesy, politeness, and kindness. 


We believe everyone deserves to be treated with kindness. If you can be anything, please be kind. 


We believe every child deserves the opportunity to learn to dance. At Pure Energy Dance Co., we believe in nurturing an inclusive culture. 

107, 2020

COVID-19 Guidelines UPDATED August 19

We have prepared a document outlining the guidelines for our reopening. These guidelines are based on the recommendations by the Government of Saskatchewan as of August 19th. These guidelines are subject to change. We will update our guidelines as changes occur.

NOTE: We have added a section titled “The use of masks” on page 1.

Our Guidelines
3006, 2020


For all important dates related to dance including holidays, studio closures, dance competitions, picture days, etc. please click on the PDF below.


2906, 2020


We are very proud that Pure Energy Dance Co. has been awarded the Consumer Choice Award for the Best Dance Studio in Saskatoon 3 years in a row! We are thrilled to receive this award and are committed to continually achieving excellence in providing high quality dance education in a warm and friendly environment.

We strongly believe that students should be put in the class that best suits their current level of training. Students with dance experience will be dancing alongside other students with similar dance experience. Beginner level students will be dancing with other beginner level students.

We have a complete Recreational Program that is separate from our Competitive Dance Program.  We have classes for ages 1.5 to Adult and we have multi-disciplinary classes for every age group. Those who do not wish to compete will follow the progression through dance levels as our Competitive students do.

Every dancer, whether dancing in the Non-Competitive or Competitive program, will be trained with a focus on developing technique and fostering a love of dance and a sense of belonging.

This year we will be offering online classes at the same time as our scheduled in-person classes. We will adapt to the changing nature of COVID-19 and will continue to offer classes with a focus on keeping our dancers and dance families safe.

We have an incredibly talented, experienced, and qualified Faculty. Our Instructors are certified in ADAPT (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers), RAD (Royal Academy of Dance), CDTA (Canadian Dance Teachers Association) Stage Jazz, CDTA Modern Licence, AAC (Acrobatic Arts Certified), Alixa Flexibility Module 1 and 2 Certified, SBAD (Spectacle Blue Aerial Dance – Trapeze and Silks Certified), C.L.I. Certification, and P.B.T (Progressing Ballet Technique).

All of our instructors continually train and educate throughout the year by attending dance conventions, taking classes with C.L.I, participating in training seminars and certification courses.

At Pure Energy Dance Co. we are committed to providing quality dance education to each and every student. Our instructors are passionate about what they teach and we all can’t wait for our 45th season to begin in the fall!

1308, 2019

P.B.T. at PEDC!

Exciting News! Miss Karrie-Ann and Miss Laeticia are certified in P.B.T. (Progressing Ballet Technique). This innovative conditioning program is designed to enhance classical ballet technique.

Because dancing is an athletic pursuit with great strength, power, coordination, endurance, and flexibility demands on the body, conditioning classes are very important for dancers. The physical requirements of this artistic sport are significant. A dancer needs to build strength, coordination and flexibility beyond what (s)he naturally has. By engaging in a properly designed conditioning training program, dancers will progress at a faster pace and be able to handle the demands of dancing longer, and with far less vulnerability to injury.

We are excited to announce that we will be offering certified P.B.T. classes.

1703, 2019

Picture Day 2019!

Click here to see photo proofs, packages, and pricing.
Click the “more information” button below for more information about viewing and ordering pictures

Pictures will once again be taken by Sandy Lockhart of Sandy Lockhart Photography.

Sandy will put all unedited images online in their albums for 30 days. Due to a busy grad season, it may be more than 24 hours to respond to emails or texts.  To complete your orders, (the sooner you order, the better) families can print off order forms, fill out these forms and bring them to the dance photos session with payment (cash, e-transfers, NO CHEQUES).




306-291-0597 sandylockhartphotography@gmail.com


By April 22, 2019, all pictures will be uploaded to Sandy Lockhart’s photo-shoot proof site. Please visit the following website to view and order pictures. All packages and pricing information are listed on this website.

Click here to see photo proofs, packages, and pricing.

On April 30, 2019, you can also order pictures AT THE STUDIO from 5:00-9:00PM. Those who ordered online can also drop off cash payment at this time (please include the order number, name, and phone number on the envelope). May 30th will be the LAST DAY to order pictures! After which, orders will be subject to a late fee and will need to go to Sandy Lockhart’s office to drop off orders.

WEBSITE: www.sandylockhartphotography.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sandy-Lockhart-Photography/185965884755725?fref=ts

INSTAGRAM: @sandylockhart

A note from Sandy to all PEDC families:

Thank you for inviting me to take your dance photos.   Please remember that this link above is a proofing gallery and ordering only. After your order is placed, each photo is individually enhanced and adjusted, including areas such as exposure, colour, heavy shadows and backdrop flaws.  Due to a business season and accepting this club I have online ordering only at this time…if you need to make an appointment or order online please email me at sandylockhartphotography@gmail.com and we can make arrangements.  Find your team folder then find your dancer.  When you right click on the photo the prices should pop up, where you can add to your shopping cart.   You can also click on your favorites to keep track of your photos.

IMPORTANT:  ONLINE galleries are convenient and awesome to share images quickly, and I am flattered when people get excited about their photos I have captured. I ask that my clients refrain from “borrowing” proofs to post online.

Proofs are meant for private viewing and ordering only — thank you for your co-operation!   They are unedited in the gallery but will work my magic when orders are placed and pre-paid.

The order form is missing some new options for products (such as wallet magnets, etc.)

There are discounts for orders over $250. Ask for more details.

If you order your photos within the first 15 days of being available, you will receive extra goodies for FREE!

If at any time you need assistance with the shopping process, please write out the image number or favourite the images you wish to order. Then, you may come in during ordering days and I will help your place your order.

You may also browse the photos online and place your order via submitting the paper order form that you picked up on Picture Day. I would encourage you to click on the previews on the items you are ordering and read carefully to determine what the products are, the number of photos you may choose, and what information is requested for each item. This will speed up the processing time for your order.

Payment may be made by mail, cash, etransfer, or by PayPal at sandylockhartphotography@gmail.com   (sorry no credit cards unless you do them through paypal)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Sandy Lockhart Photography

1708, 2018

CLI Partnership with Pure Energy Dance Co.

Exciting News!

Pure Energy Dance Co. is excited to announce that we are partnering with CLI Studios this year to give our Instructors and students access to the dance industry’s top choreographers.

All our students will benefit from this program because our Instructors will be taking classes regularly with world renowned choreographers and passing this knowledge onto our students in each class!

Exclusively for Pre-Intermediate – Advanced Dancers, 13 years and up:

Want to dance with Kathryn McCormick, Teddy Forance and Nick Lazzarini? Register for the CLI Student program with our studio this season and you’ll be able to take online master classes from world-renowned choreographers! Register at the office starting September 4th. Dancers in our Intensive Training Program who are 11-12 years of age may also qualify.

Our extended faculty this year includes:

Caitlin Kinney

Kathryn McCormick

Nick Lazzarini

Teddy Forance

And many more including Allison Holker, tWitch, Chloe Arnold, Megan Lawson, Brian Friedman, Misha Gabriel, Kenny Wormald, Alex Wong, and Kyle Robinson!

302, 2018

Flexibility Training Offered

Pure Energy Dance Co. offers Certified Training in Flexibilty

Do you want to learn how to safely and effectively stretch? Do you want to increase flexibility and mobility in your body?

Miss Karrie-Ann has received her Certification for Training in Alixa Flexibility Module 1 & 2!
Karrie-Ann Puderak offers Flexibility Training to groups and individuals. If you are interested in learning how to safely and effectively stretch for improved flexibility and performance, email pureenergy@sasktel.net. There are discounted rates for groups and multiple one on one sessions. Please specify if you are an individual or a group requesting training.
The Flexibility exercises from the Aliza flexibility Modules are a unique blend of non – invasive stretching techniques from studies of Russian and Chinese techniques, sports physical therapists, circus, Pilate’s, sports doctors, flexibility studies, and through working with thousands of athletes from various sports.
Individuals who practice the stretches daily will see results in their flexibility and mobility, and will be least likely to injure themselves.

Why do we need to stretch using the techniques from Alixa Flexibility?

The general population is remarkably inflexible in the hips due to an increase in sitting which is so prevalent and problematic today. In dancers and athletes, we are frequently seeing inflexibilty of the hips along with a noticeable disconnect between the hips and hamstrings. This is why there are so many injuries. The stretching exercises taught in the Alixa Flexibility Modules emphasize stretching through proper alignment and proper connection through the back, hips and hamstrings. This leads to an increase in flexibility which will help prevent injuries and will result in a lifetime of benefits such as not getting arthritis and lack of mobility as we age.

908, 2016



Aerial dance is a total body workout, utilizing great strength, balance, agility, and flexibility across the entire body. Since grips are done with both the upper and lower body, an aerial dance performer must be well-conditioned all over, with emphasis on an exceptionally strong core. In aerial dance performances aerialists do not utilize safety lines, so they must rely on their own strength and skill to ensure they do not fall. Instructors Karrie-Ann Puderak and Dallas Schneider are trained in Trapeze and Silks and are qualified to teach Aerial Arts.


Trapeze is a component of Aerial Arts. Aerial trapeze is probably the most popular aerial dance apparatus used. It consists of a bar hanging from the ceiling by two ropes. The Trapeze bar used is static (not a swing apparatus) and can also rotate with the use of a swivel. Trapeze tricks performed involve various hangs using the feet, legs, arms, or any combination thereof, with duo tricks involving some sort of support of the second aerialist.


Aerial silks (also known as aerial tissu) is the use of fabrics hanging from the ceiling as a performance apparatus. Aerial silks tricks are usually divided into three main categories: climbs, wraps, and drops. A climb being when a performer ascends up the fabric, a wrap when a performer wraps their body (or portions of their body) within the fabric, and a drop being when a performer descends down the fabric.

2807, 2016


We recommend jugglegear.com for all of your aerial gear (trapeze, silks, hoops, etc.) Fast shipping and great service! We have purchased all of our PEDC aerial gear from Juggle Gear