Pure Energy Dance Co.
Pre-Professional Intensive Training Program

For our Elite Students ages 10 and up, take all the classes you want for one low price of $425 monthly.  This fee includes small groups and large groups but does NOT include ADAPT exam classes, RAD exam classes, Aerial Arts or Solos/Duets/Trios.

New and Exciting for our 2018-19 Dance Season is that we have added many new classes and we are NOT raising our capped fee!

This is an incredible value for our dance families and this provides our students with the BEST DANCE TRAINING OPPORTUNITY IN THE CITY!

We offer the most comprehensive training for the lowest price! Dancers taking all classes would regularly pay $650-$750 per month. With the capped fee, they only pay $425!

We strive to provide our students with the best Dance Education and because we have Certified Instructors and we have the studio space to offer many classes, we can offer this exceptional service to our students!