Flexibility Training Now Offered

Pure Energy Dance Co. offers Certified Training in Flexibilty

Do you want to learn how to safely and effectively stretch? Do you want to increase flexibility and mobility in your body?

Miss Karrie-Ann has received her Certification for Training in Alixa Flexibility Module 1 & 2!
Karrie-Ann Puderak offers Flexibility Training to groups and individuals. If you are interested in learning how to safely and effectively stretch for improved flexibility and performance, email pureenergy@sasktel.net. There are discounted rates for groups and multiple one on one sessions. Please specify if you are an individual or a group requesting training.
The Flexibility exercises from the Aliza flexibility Modules are a unique blend of non – invasive stretching techniques from studies of Russian and Chinese techniques, sports physical therapists, circus, Pilate’s, sports doctors, flexibility studies, and through working with thousands of athletes from various sports.
Individuals who practice the stretches daily will see results in their flexibility and mobility, and will be least likely to injure themselves.

Why do we need to stretch using the techniques from Alixa Flexibility?

The general population is remarkably inflexible in the hips due to an increase in sitting which is so prevalent and problematic today. In dancers and athletes, we are frequently seeing inflexibilty of the hips along with a noticeable disconnect between the hips and hamstrings. This is why there are so many injuries. The stretching exercises taught in the Alixa Flexibility Modules emphasize stretching through proper alignment and proper connection through the back, hips and hamstrings. This leads to an increase in flexibility which will help prevent injuries and will result in a lifetime of benefits such as not getting arthritis and lack of mobility as we age.